Discussion on Potential American Responses to the Situation in Ukraine

While a lot of international attention has been focused on the Olympics over the last two weeks, the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated considerably. This article discusses the developments in some detail and represents potential American action as well.

According to the article, both the Ukranian and Russian governments have begun labeling protestors as terrorists, which can only endanger said protestors as the conflict continues. The article suggests that such a label could precede a state of emergency in country and expanded powers for military and police.
The article also suggests that relationships between the government and people of Ukraine took a turn for the worse when Ukraine’s President Yanukovych met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi this week. It is also significant that Russia began buying Ukrainian bonds.
Within Ukraine itself, “Demonstrators are now occupying some government buildings in some western Ukrainian cities where authorities are considered more sympathetic to the opposition, which the officials also said is a telling sign that things are looking bad for the government.”
Said the article, “Senior U.S. officials said visas were revoked in January for Ukrainian government officials linked to the violence against protestors. The officials said the administration is putting the final touches on a presidential executive order imposing sanctions against those involved in the crackdown. President Barack Obama would still need to sign off on any new sanctions.””
While today’s update is a bit abbreviated, we will keep you informed as the situation in Ukraine continues to develop. As a parting thought, consider the situation confronted by Ukrainian protestors this week. What are the ramifications, both legal and social, to be officially labeled a terrorist? Has anyone come up with an acceptable distinction between terrorist and freedom fighter?

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